Ingólfur Pálsson

Partner, European Patent Attorney

My work has given me the opportunity to cooperate with a multitude of people, ranging from the personal care assistant seeking to make the lives of her clients better through to the CEO who shoulders the responsibility of hundreds of employees on a daily basis. In many cases, their drive towards success is the same, their passion and commitment being transparent in every decision. I pride myself on being a companion to my clients, taking on  every assignment with the sole purpose of adding value to them and their businesses.

My experience from working directly for a global industry leader as well as for a variety of different small, medium-sized and large clients has given me a rare perspective on how to assist my clients in supporting their business strategies through intellectual property rights.

After almost 20 years of working with intellectual property rights, I am constantly surprised and impressed with the inventiveness and originality of people who have passion for their work.

The passion of my clients and colleagues inspires me to go the extra mile and do my absolute best to deliver results that match the passion and commitment of my clients.

I recently…

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